PowerRouter Factory Warranty

Our quality control program ensures that each PowerRouter product is manufactured to exact specifications and is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.

5 year warranty

The PowerRouter factory warranty period is 5 years as from the purchase date of the PowerRouter system. The warranty conditions are based on the European EU directive no. 99/44/EG. The legal rights are applied for unimpeded.

Extended warranty

Unless you have a Nedap certificate for extended warranty in your possession no application for an extended warranty can be made.  Nedap is always entitled to request to provide us with a copy of  a such certifacte.

Warranty conditions*

If a PowerRouter system becomes defective during the relevant PowerRouter warranty period, one of the following services, a Nedap’s sole discretion, will be performed at no charge for materials, exclusive labor costs:

  • Repair at Nedap, or
  • Repair on-site, or
  • Exchange for a replacement device (of equivalent value according to model and age), or
  • Pro rata refund of the purchase price of the faulty PowerRouter Unit

The Business Partner / Installer who installed the PowerRouter, must report the defective PowerRouter system to the PowerRouter Helpdesk.

Exclusion of warranty

Warranty claims and any liability for direct or indirect damage(s) are excluded if arising from:

  • Transportation and/or storage damage
  • Incorrect or unprofessional installation, commissioning or usage of the PowerRouter not complying with the manual or instructrion e.g. the installation of an excessive amount of solar panels causing an over dimensioning of the system or  causing a detrimental effect on the technical and/or economical lifespan of the PowerRouter (see manual)
  • Modifications, changes or attempted repairs by untrained and unauthorized personnel
  • Incorrect use or inappropriate operation
  • Insufficient ventilation of the device (see manual)
  • Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations
  • Force majeure (e.g. lightning, overvoltage, storm, fire, foreign body influence)
  • Cosmetic shortcomings which do not influence the functioning of the PowerRouter system
  • Damage due to moisture and/or other environmental conditions

*Nedap reserves the right to replace the unit by another unit with similar or amended specification.