First level support

The PowerRouter is a part of a total installation (‘System’), therefor we advise that in case you encounter an operational failure of the PowerRouter or the PowerRouter shows error messages, to consult the PowerRouter Helpcenter.

If  the PowerRouter Helpcenter does not give an answer to your question(s), please contact your Installer. As in many instances, the operational failure of the PowerRouter can be resolved by your Installer.

PowerRouter Helpcenter

When best to consult the PowerRouter Helpcenter?

The PowerRouter Helpcenter is to be consulted as a first support solution, in case your PowerRouter shows error messages or has an operational failure, a solution might be found in the PowerRouter Helpcenter.  

Contacting PowerRouter Support

When does the Installer contact the support team?

The support portal is for the Installer to contact the support team in order to assist in all operational questions of the failing PowerRouter. Please fill in the online contact form or send the support team an email.  
Please enclose or mention the Part- and Serial number of the failing PowerRouter and a description of the issue in your correspondence.

Due to the discontinuation of the Product, please be advised that support by telephone is no longer available.

Warranty request Form

When does the Installer starts the warranty procedure ?

If the support team is not able to resolve the issue raised by the Installer, the Installer is able to start the warranty procedure. Please check whether the warranty is still valid. Please assure that all fields are completed and all information is provided to enable the warranty procedure to start. Please be advised that your request will not be dealt with if the fields are incomplete or required information is missing.

Support form

  • Please describe the problem or your question as accurate as possible.