Discontinuation of product(s)
As communicated in 2016, Nedap N.V. no longer manufactures and stopped all sales or distribution activities of the PowerRouter product range.

As of 1 February 2021, the free MyPowerRouter.com monitoring service will also cease to exist.

This website only covers the warranty obligations of the manufacturers.

The PowerRouter

Consisting of a PV inverter and (type dependent) Battery Manager combined in a single unit, the intelligent PowerRouter system optimizes self-consumption of your solar energy. It manages the energy balance using self-generated solar energy and stores any energy not consumed immediately in batteries for later use.

The PowerRouter products:

  • Solar
  • Solar Battery
  • Connect
  • Unifit
  • OEM/Private label


MyPowerRouter.com enables you to remotely monitor the performance of registered and connected PowerRouters. The web portal shows system behavior and information and prevents unnecessary service calls.
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To consult the warranty conditions of the Powerrouter product range. Please be advised that in all matters (interpretation, explanation, etc.) the English language is and will be leading.
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For support questions, please contact your Installer.
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If a PowerRouter is not operation according to expectations, please contact your Installer or consult the Helpcenter FAQs.
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